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About Us



Benedict Johnson (left)


Andy Lowe (right)


Do we use games to play music or music to play games?

Benedict and Andy are joined by guest musicians from around the UK for improvisation sessions with a twist. We use game mechanics to push our creativity down unexpected paths. Whether it's allowing dice to determine the chords being used, or forcing a surprising turn with our Trigger Cards, the game we play influences the music we play. Each improvisation yields fresh insights, which we discuss with our guests along the way. 


The Auki Podcast is free from ties to any particular improvising tradition. It's not all about jazz, and while a saxophone regularly appears, so do synths and sample libraries. Auki sessions have been known to be very experimental, but a challenging dissonance is no more likely than a catchy riff. It's not primarily about what we make, it's about the process of making it. 


musicians' dice

We are always on the lookout for interesting, improvising instrumentalists, so if you'd like to be a guest musician on the Auki Podcast, why not get in touch 🇬🇧

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